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I know first hand …that families grieving do not have time to spend shopping around for the best burial or cremation services.

Many assume their only options are to either hold a traditional funeral with a burial, or go with a similar service and cremation.

They have no idea what direct cremation services are or how they can help cut the total cost.

I know that death is an inevitable part of our family’s journey on earth. Whether we are prepared or not, death certainly comes to each of us.

I learned this first hand when I planned the funeral for both of my parents several years back. This is one of the most significant decisions families have to face once a loved one passed away.

I understand that the funeral rituals that allow families and friends to gather and remember things about the deceased in the best light possible.

Funeral rituals may depend on cultural and religious orientations, personal preferences and costs. I think these factors guide families in selecting what kind of funeral arrangement to select – whether it is simple and traditional, secular or religious.

I think the planning of a funeral is the most significant decision that people have to face once a loved one passed away.

For the past decade or so, after-death care in America has been in the early stages of a historic shift back toward the traditional American practice of family-led after-death care provided in the intimacy of the home.

You have a lot more control over funeral costs than you may realize. A few simple tips can help you maintain control, even in the midst of grief, and better ensure that your emotional distress increased by unnecessary financial distress for years to come.

Shop around. Funeral costs can vary by thousands of dollars in the same city, even in the same neighborhood.

Federal Trade Commission regulations require funeral home personnel to quote prices over the phone and to give you a detailed price list of goods and services, called a General Price List, the minute you ask about funeral arrangements.

Know the facts. Did you know that embalming is almost never required by law? Did you know that no casket or vault will prevent the body from returning to the earth.


Tim Little