Cost of Cremation

Cost Of Cremation for Under $700?

If you’re worried about that $900 mortgage payment next month, imagine facing a $7,000 funeral bill. Nationally, the average cost of a full-service funeral is running.

Nationally, the average cost of a full-service funeral is running between $6,500 and $7,000. And that only gets you to the cemetery gates — graveside fees can easily tack on a few thousand more.

Americans don’t generally like to talk about death, so we’re ill prepared when it comes time to make funeral arrangements. Many of us might feel “cheap” or guilty if we balk at the price of a casket, even if it costs more than our last set of furniture.

People sharing their stories about not only the experiences of going through the loss of a family member, but equally important the loss of a family pet, especially the process of how they were, or were not, able to resolve the grief of the experience..

This is how a Dog is Cremated

The cremation process is far less complicated than the traditional funeral home service preparation including funeral costs, casket, burial, vault and headstone.

Dollars and Sense: Rated A for All Ages,” highlights the importance of using good consumer sense at every stage of life – from grade school to retirement.

But don’t stop there. Consumers need to exercise good sense at every stage of death, too.

In these tough economic times, many of us already know that we can’t afford to live like we used to. To save you time I listed some of the best Cost of Cremation in the greater part of Michigan.

The best pricing in Saginaw county for the Cost of Cremation is Kendall Funeral Home in St Charles at $895. Your state Funeral Consumers Association can possibly provide you with cremation price lists for your local funeral homes.

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