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How much does it cost for a cremation?

The cost of a cremation through a funeral home will cost you between $1000 – $3000. If you spend some time shopping around it maybe a able to find funeral home that will arrange it for about $800.

If arranged directly through a crematory it will cost you even less. Maybe $1500 or less depending on your requirements. In some states like Michigan you are required to make your cremation arrangements through a licensed Funeral Director.

This is a little like the hen watching the chicken koop, it doesn’t seem fair to the consumer but the Funeral Directors in Michigan control some of the state laws. Although the cost of cremation differs depending on location. It’s almost considerably less than a full body funeral.

In today’s financial environment it’s popularity is growing quickly.

In addition to the cost of the cost of the basic cremation service other charges maybe added that include:

–Getting the death certificate and copies

–Obtaining a certificate releasing the body for cremation

–Transporting the body from place of death to place of cremation

–Handling charges to church or funeral industry if involved.

The casket can be the costliest part of a funeral and the price can range from $600 for a simple wooden version for a Green Burial Green Burial Casket

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A wooden version of a casket can cost you up to $35,000 for a more ornate style.

Some people prefer to show the body in a casket at the funeral home before the body is cremated.

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