Cost of funeral in Washington State

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The following are links and a direct quote for funeral home prices in Washington State

“2009 Survey of Funeral Home Prices in Washington State

The PMA Education Fund conducted a survey of cremation and burial prices at 226 Funeral Homes throughout the state of Washington.  This is the largest funeral home price analysis ever completed in Washington and shows a broad range in prices.  Cremation prices vary by as much as 700% and burial prices over 400% depending upon the choice of funeral home.  The study reinforces the importance of consumers shopping around and planning ahead to assure that they receive the final arrangements that they want at a price they can afford.

The price survey shows that the average cost for Direct Cremation in the state is $1,593 and ranges is from $549 to $3,944 for what is essentially the same no matter where you purchase it.  The average price of Direct Burial is $2,493, with prices ranging from $990 to $4,233.  A Complete Funeral service with embalming, viewing, services and basic casket averages $4,172 but is as low as $1,997 and as high as $8,315 in the state.

The North Puget Sound region has the highest average cremation and burial prices.  On the other hand, the Sound Puget Sound region has the lowest average.  In between, King County has the broadest range of prices, with some of the most expensive funeral homes in the state as well as some of the most economical.

2009 Funeral Home Price Survey Results:

2007 Funeral Home Price Survey Results:

2004 Funeral Home Price Survey Results:

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