Cremation Cost – Planning in Uncertain Times

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All about the Family

My uncle a chicken farmer in Mid-Michigan with cancer is a biodynamic farmer who lives simply and close to the earth.

He wants my father to put his body in the pickup truck and drive it to the crematory. He thought the entire process would cost around $300. I promised to help him find out his options.

I called two local funeral directors in a very rural area that I knew to be “green” friendly. I posed my questions: “What would you tell a person who asks about green funeral and burial options?” and in Michigan “Would you be willing to issue a transit permit to someone who wishes to drive their deceased to the crematory in their own vehicle?”

I was pleasantly surprised when the first funeral director responded positively and quite enthusiastically. She explained that they offer an embalming fluid that is completely environmentally friendly and agreed to find out the main chemical ingredient, which turned out to be isopropyl alchohol!

Driving the deceased in one’s own vehicle to the funeral home (where paperwork needs to be completed) and on to the crematory seems to be a bit of a sticking point. Funeral directors worry about liability in the event of an accident.

The second funeral director I interviewed said he does his utmost to comply with a uncle’s wishes. He said he would ride with the family in their own vehicle so that his insurance could cover it if an accident occurred.

Green Burial CasketHe said no one has yet asked about “green burial” grounds recognizing that some people simply cannot afford caskets and vaults, has a section where any style of burial is allowed. Consider the green burial casket

Both funeral directors said they would charge the standard fee for direct cremation and specified what would be included.

A Home Burial

I often speak with friends who wish to be buried on their own property, including my uncle with kidney failure. So I also called some of the local zoning administrators to investigate the local ordinances.The variety of responses was interesting.


Furthermore, he said that a vault is needed to “prevent leakage” (which is incorrect; vaults are for lawn maintenance purposes only) and seemed to fear the natural processes of decay. The permitting procedure that he outlined was impossibly complicated, the equivalent of a request for a change in zoning.
The two other zoning officials I called were much more accepting, even a bit intrigued with the idea. Both said they would defer to the County Health Department.

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