Cost of Cremation – What Are The Options?

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Fortunately, you have a lot more control over funeral costs than you may realize. A few simple tips can help you maintain control, even in the midst of grief, and better ensure that your emotional distress isn’t exacerbated by unnecessary.

The cost of cremation varies regionally, but ranges from about $400 for infants to about $700 for adults for a simple cremation if you shop around for competitive prices and you should consider the honesty and reputation of the service provider in your area. This cost generally includes transportation, storage, and cremation of remains, a simple crematorium box, document processing, and a temporary container.

Pre-Plan but Don’t Pay Up front

As with traditional funerals, additional services or items will add to your cost, and preplanning can save a lot of money and hopefully that is why you are reading this today. Always plan ahead this will greatly reduce you or your loved ones funeral costs there is no need to pay up front. If you have extra money invest in a money market fund or CD and keep your money safe with someone you can trust.

Generally, the temporary containers are plastic and designed only to transport cremated remains, not for permanent internment. Permanent urns are available from many sources in many styles, and are available in a variety of materials like wood, bronze, or marble.

Permanent urn, memorial services, and whether to keep remains at home, purchase a plot or a columbaria niche in a cemetery, scatter the ashes yourself, or use a service to scatter your loved one’s ashes are all items to consider along with the simple cost of cremation. Preplanning when possible allows cost comparison and clear decision-making as well as the opportunity to discuss wishes for memorial services and permanent internment. Even without preplanning, a cremation is usually less expensive than a comparable casket funeral.

Your Options

In many cases families can have a traditional casket funeral followed by a cremation rather than a direct cremation. Direct cremation is your lowest cost option, but since embalmed bodies can be cremated it is a fairly simple matter to have an open-casket service. A full service followed by cremation and internment should generally end up somewhere in the range of $6000-7500, which is comparable to the lowest cost casket burial plans.

In cases of infant death or stillbirth, direct cremation is not the only option but is often both more affordable and allows parents time to process their grief. If the mother had complications or a sibling is in the NICU requiring further care, immediate direct cremation then keeping the ashes at home for a while can allow parents some time to plan a memorial. Because nobody expects to have to bury their child, funeral homes also sometimes charge only the actual or wholesale cost of urns and cremation services. In cases of infant loss, some parents also find the ability to keep their child’s remains close for some time comforting, rather than having to visit a cemetery.

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