The Real “Cost of Cremation”

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The cost of cremation

can be much less than a traditional burial.

Why? Because of the major expenses are excluded in direct cremation the casket and cemetery plot and vault.

The cost of cremation can vary widely depending on the services that are selected.  A general guideline for cremation costs is from $800 to $2000.

Save Money and Time

The first step in determining the cost of cremation in your area is to make some decisions in advance.

If you know what services you want you can be sure that you are talking about the same thing with each provided that you contact regarding cremation costs.

Cremations can be done in simple wooden boxes, cardboard boxes or sometimes in nothing at all. This depends on what is allowed by the laws in your area.  Ask if a cardboard box is  included in the cremation costs you can buy them online for $20 if not provided by the service.

A decision has to be made as to whether the ashes will be put into a mausoleum, kept in a keepsake urn, or spread.

These choices all impact the cremation costs. A spot in the ash urn section of a mausoleum can cost several thousand dollars while scattering the ashes can be free. Shop for free urns on my Website all are provided by Amazon with the best quality and lowest prices on the market. >>>>cremation urn options.

Also…inquire whether they will be providing you with a certified copy of the death certificate and cremation permit as part of the cremation costs.

The Cremation Process

Ask if delivery of the ashes to the family is included in the cost of cremation.

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