Cremation Urn Choices Including your Own

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Cremation Urn Choices

Now that you are on the world wide web you don’t have a limited number of cremation urns that the funeral home has on hand.

There are many companies online and off that offer affordable quality urns in a variety of styles. Including Cost of Cremation and our Amazon partner selling a wide selection of cremation urns at discount prices with free shipping on some urns. Including these urns

In many cases the cremation urn can be shipped the same day it is ordered and many companies offer free shipping as well. if your loved one is a veteran we also offer these unique urns.

Customizing your Urn

You can cutomize the urn in a variety of ways. Let’s say your loved one was a guitar player and was very proud of a particular drawing that he or she created. You could have this drawing depicted on an urn to personalize his or her personality. This is more common in pet urns for your pet dog like this.

You could also add the lyrics of their favorite song or heartfelt saying by having it laser engraved onto a stone or wood urn of your choice.

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