The Cremation Process

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Avoiding the Funeral Director in your state or country is the best approach to the cremation process, since they will use the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell more merchandise or products during the grieving period.

The Funeral Director will be asked about the decision for cremation or earth burial. There can still be an open casket or visitation for those who elect cremation. Here are some important items to note in the cremation process.

After a visitation,

the body is placed in a small rectangular furnace. This furnace is called a retort. The heat of the furnace is on at a very high temperature of approximately 1,800 degrees or more. This retort contains special filters so that odors do not permeate outside the furnace area. The body is burned to very tiny bone mass fragments and ash.

The Cremation Process

These ashes are called cremains. The funeral director will let you know what to expect when you receive the cremains. The cremains weigh an about seven to eight pounds for an average size adult. The family does not generally watch the cremation process. It can be quite emotional and therefore is recommended they are not present.

Most state health laws now regulate that the body is contained in some type of container before it is cremated. If the crematorium is located outside the funeral home, the body is transported in a cardboard or fiberboard casket. The cremation process takes about three to four hours.

Once complete, the ashes are placed in a plastic bag within a cardboard box and given to the family. The family can then take the ashes and place them in an urn, scatter them, or place them in a container for further burial.

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