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Cremation Choices should make us consider now how comfortable we are with the idea of arranging for our own or a relative’s burial or cremation via the Internet.

The longtime tradition of working face-to-face with a funeral director and developing a relationship with a regional funeral home to make final arrangements is beginning to show signs of erosion as technological advances and the lure of convenience are spurring the death care industry to evolve. You can also save a lot of money planning in advance but never pre-paying.

For cost-conscious consumers, such as tech-savvy Baby Boomers who are faced with planning funerals for their parents, the move is a breath of fresh air. Basic Funerals and Cremation Choices offers customers looking for a funeral more affordable options because its business model boasts lower overhead costs.

With many budgets that have been downsized along with their pensions and employment.Funeral planning is one area that can save you money and I know this because when my mother passed away a few years I spent over $1800 just to rent a coffin for her funeral when I could have purchased a good quality coffin at less than half that cost. Since my mother was being cremated we only needed the coffin for the showing since this was the advice from the Funeral Director.

During a recent conversation with a funeral directors in the mid-Michigan area when I was pre-planning the funeral for my spouse and I. Here’s some of the information I’ve gathered in talking to the experts and also in doing some more research I discovered some ways to save money by shopping online and off.

Casket 20 Gauge Steel Funeral Casket

The success of the industry’s online funeral discounter should pique the interest of behemoth providers the likes of Service Corporation International and Stewart Enterprises, who are looking to grow their market share without costly overhead expenses.

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