Why Direct Cremation?

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In Many Cultures

Traditional burial is chosen over cremation but in the US it’s a very different story and cremation is fast-becoming peoples first choice.

To Save On The Expense of Death

With the expense of a traditional burial increasing rapidly over the past few years, increasing numbers of people are looking for a less expensive alternative  no need of a costly cemetery plot, costly coffin and head stone, cremation is a much cheaper alternative and where a traditional burial is now thought to exceed ten thousand dollars, a ‘direct cremation’ can start at as low as two hundred and fifty dollars making you a huge saving.

Many People Don’t Know

a cremation can still involve a service, much similar to a traditional burial service, where family and friends can pay their respects, read out antidotes, quote favorite poems and play most-liked music of the deceased. The ashes may be kept in the family home in a suitable urn.

A nearby funeral home should have all the information required to arrange a cremation, whether for yourself or for a member of the family, and in some cases a cremation may be pre-arranged and pre-paid for relieving your loved ones of the stress. Be sure to shop around since direct cremation costs and services vary greatly, so get the best deal possible. Be sure to see our lovely cremation urns here Cost of Cremation

Don’t speak with the funeral director first

since they tend to sometimes mark-up costs and you can find better deals here on Cost of Cremation about individual preferences of the deceased and get their advice on where you can buy a suitable urn and arrange other parts of the service such as music, flowers and transportation.

When a loved one dies, many family members struggle to deal with their grief and being left to arrange a cremation and funeral service can be quite overwhelming and leave many people unable to grieve properly and emotionally drained. Pre-arranging your own personal cremation is very beneficial to both your close friends and family but don’t prepay until after the funeral.

Reasonable Direct Cremation Services

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