Pet Urn

Why Pet Urns For Ashes Are The Best
Grieving Owners Prefer Decorative Pet Urns To Pet Cemeteries!

One of the most emotional loses that any family can endure is the loss of a pet. Pets have become an integral part of our families, and the death of a pet is sometimes as traumatic as the loss of a loved one. One of the many ways to lessen the impact is pet cremation and placing their ashes in pet urns.

And if this is the first loss of a family loved one we often don’t have any idea how to deal with the pain of the loss. After we lost our first dog “Shadow” (a beautiful Golden Retriever) all of us struggled to cope with him being gone. One of my children did a little research on the internet (you know how young ones are today) and came across a very nice book that helped all of out.

It is called the “Pet Loss Guide”, and really helped us recover from the grief of pet loss. I found the book here…. “The Pet Loss Guide”!

Think all cremation urns are alike? Consider the one on the left…

Dog Pet UrnIf you’re looking for something special that really reflects the personality of your dog then consider one like this beautiful EXTRA LARGE PET URN MEMORIAL NATURAL WALNUT WOOD PICTURE FRAME

  • The Versa Classic Cremation Urn – Rose Wood Finish with your choice of three different display options.
  • Display the urn vertically, horizontally or lying flat on any surface.
  • The urn has a beautiful rose wood finish and fully finished inside compartment.
  • The inside is lined with a soft black felt. This urn is easily sealed through the bottom with a removable base and four screws.

The Versa urn also holds your favorite photo of your pet in either landscape or portrait style. The photograph inserts behind a protective piece of glass.

The impact of your pet in your lives is very important, so proper care of a loved pet after death should be accomplished without feeling as if you have discarded the memory of your loved pet.

Pet urns are quickly becoming a popular way to create forever memories of theiryou pets and which can be carried with you wherever you go.

Pet Urns Provide Closure Over The Death Of A Dear Pet

When picking out a pet urn consider where you will keep it in your home, and how you will display it for your family members to enjoy and remember.

You might assume that one pet cremation urn is like any other and that you just need to find one that looked sturdy and priced to fit your budget. But to properly remember your loved pet it is best to select one of the more decorative pet urns in order to provide a proper pet memorial for your special dog or cat.

Many dog lovers have been very involved with the American Kennel Club and are interested in an Official American Kennel Club Pet Cremation Urn.

The American Kennel Club urn is a lovely remembrance for your faithful friend. The urn features the look of burnished copper, bronze, and polished wood. The AKC logo is beautifully embossed on the face of the urn. This is truly the finest canine urn available and a place of honor for a best friend.

Official American Kennel Club Pet Cremation Urn Product Features

  • Only canine urn in the world officially licensed by the 125 year-old American Kennel Club
  • Features a photo window for you to insert photo of your pet
  • 109 cubic-inch capacity suitable for all dog breeds
  • Brass nameplate will be provided at no extra charge. Details inside package

A Remembrance Plaque Pet Memorial Can Be Nice Too!

Sometimes you are simply looking for something to remember your pet by, and a Remembrance Plague might be just the ticket for you.

Here you can find a way to let everyone remember that beloved pet in an unobtrusive yet tasteful manner. Even family friends will miss your pet, and for years to come a plaque is a great way to create a lasting memory of your pet.

If you have a favorite cat, then there are many choices in pet urns for cats. One of the more popular of these is the AngelStar 75 Cubic Inch Pet Urn for your Cat. Emblazoned on the urn are the words “I Came I Purred I Conquered and Left a Trail of Beautiful Memories” which reflect how you feel about your cat.

Or, if you prefer, a decorative Egyptian Bastet *Bronze Canopic Jar Cat Burial Urn might be just how you want to remember your favorite cat.

No matter whether cat or dog, we miss our family pets for years to come. The best way to preserve those memories and ease the pain of loss is to use pet cremation and pet urns for ashes as a way to preserve and protect those precious memories we have of our favorite pet.

Today, more than ever, it is important to remember those pets and people in our lives, and to preserve the memories of the times we spent together. All to fast time passes until one day we feel the loneliness of a past favorite friend and pet.


I hope the information we have provided on this page is useful to you, and that some of our ideas can help you bear the pain of loss of a beloved pet. To this day I remember my favorite dog who has been gone for many years now. Sometimes I even forget and wonder where he is today.