Green Burial Cemetery

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My uncle a farmer in a small town in Michigan discovered a few months ago that he only has a few months to live because his family doctor discovered some cancer tumors in his lungs.

Uncle Hank smoked 3 packs a day and also enjoyed a few beers after working in the fields all day and his unhealthy living finally caught up with him.

It was a warm October day in Michigan and he  wanted to visit the green burial section of the cemetery.

When the Director greeted us, gave us a brief history of the cemetery and answered questions. He showed us his new prototype coffin for green burial.

Limited supply order today

The supplier uses particleboard made of pre-consumer waste wood from a lumber mill, and it’s fastened together with wooden pegs instead of nails.

It’s biodegradable and can be painted with biodegradable paint, left plain or whatever the customers would like. In fact, no coffin is required in the green burial section; a shroud or sheet is fine. (Embalming or cement vaults are not permitted for green burial.

Uncle Hank said no one has yet asked about “green burial” grounds recognizing that some people simply cannot afford caskets and vaults, has a section where any style of burial is allowed. Consider the green burial casket

Then we headed off for a green burial tour. Uncle Hank drove us around all the different sections of the beautifully landscaped property, including a conventional cemetery,  church,  memorial garden, pet memorial garden, columbaria (for cremains), and more.

The field is surrounded by a hedgerow that contains cherry trees. Granite markers are flush with the ground so they can continue to hay. Nearby, a large compost pile produces fertilizer for the property.
The green burial Website says that the intent of “natural” or “green” burial is to minimize the impact of burial on the environment.

While we might think of this in terms of chemical impact, primarily embalming fluids, it also addresses the manufacture and delivery of vaults and casketry and the long-term maintenance of grave sites.

Uncle Hank seems very open and very committed to lowering environmental impact. In fact, the whole concept of the property is green: The buildings have geothermal heat, and wastewater from the buildings is piped to open ponds on the site, where evaporation takes place, putting moisture back into the atmosphere.

The green burial site is certified by the Green Burial Council as low-impact.

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