Pet Cremation Options

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Pet cremation services are available through virtually every veterinary clinic. You can look for local searches with Google or look for listings in a city directory.

Sometimes pets pass away at home, pet owners can opt to bring the remains to the crematorium facility on their own or they can opt to bring their pet’s remains to the veterinary clinic. There, the pet’s body will be placed inside a freezer to await collection by the pet cremation service. Some pet crematories will even collect the pet’s remains from the owner’s home.

Grieving pet owners will need to select one of three options when opting to cremate a pet:

This pet cremation service usually costs approximately $100 – $300.
Group pet cremation – Several pets will be cremated at once, but the ashes are typically kept separate. The ashes are returned to the owner. This second pet cremation option is less expensive, typically costing between $150-$250.

Combined pet cremation –

Several pets will be cremated at once and the ashes combined. The ashes are not returned to the owner. Instead, the ashes are scattered, typically at a memorial park-type area at a nearby pet cemetery. This option is generally the least expensive, costing between $50-$150.

Pet Cremation Urns

Once a pet is cremated and the ashes are returned, the pet owner must decide what to do with the pet’s remains: scatter the ashes, keep the ashes in a pet urn or bury the pet’s ashes.

Dog Paws Box Cremation Urn – Dogs Leave Paw Prints…

In memory of your best friend!

For those who have lost their beloved companion, use this Keepsake to hold precious mementos or as a traditional urn.Dogs Leave Paw PrintsOn

Your Heart ForeverHolds a 2″ high x 3″ wide photo of your beloved companion.Measures 5″ high x 6″ wide. Holds 85 cubic inches.

A general guideline to determine what size is needed for ashes is: One pound of body weight will create about 1 cubic inch of ash.Please allow 3 weeks for shipping. Click Here to order now!

Pet stores and pet websites offer a vast array of urns for dogs, cats and other pets. Pet owners can pick from ornate glass vase urns, even marble urns, bearing engraved nameplates or poems.

Pet urns are available custom-painted with an image of the dog’s likeness. Wooden box urns are also popular; many wooden box-style pet urns include a spot for a photograph of the beloved pet.

Cat and dog cremation urns can range in price from less than $50 for a small personalized wooden pet urn to several thousand dollars for a large, high-end handmade marble urn.

When scattering a pet’s ashes, pet owners should seek a place that the pet enjoyed or a peaceful location where the grieving owner may go when he/she wants to remember the pet, such as a garden planted in memory of the pet. Gardens are especially popular choices, since the pet’s ashes are absorbed into the soil; the pet’s remains literally give rise to life as the garden’s plants grow.

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