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In recent years…

the green burial business has gotten bigger—there are close to 300 funeral homes in 40 states offering green services in 2011, as opposed to roughly a dozen in 2008.

Since the 1870s the funeral industry hasn’t come up with a new idea.

Green Burial Review

We’re still burying people like they buried Abraham Lincoln. Requiring preservatives to keep the body preserved for  years. Green burials are a small part of the $12 billion funeral industry.

There is an end-of-life revolution at hand. For it to succeed, the eco-friendly funeral movement has to convince not only the public that green burials are best, but also the funeral industry.

The public has been more receptive. In a 2008 survey conducted by funeral industry publishers Kates-Boylston Publications, 43 percent of respondents said they would consider a green burial.

That’s a big increase from a similar survey done in 2007 by AARP, in which 21 percent of those polled were curious about green burials. One explanation for this rise in interest could be the price tag.
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Going green can be half the price of a conventional burial says Sehee. And there are numerous ways to cut corners and save money. At the Honey Creek Woodland Cemetery, a green grave site in Conyers, Ga., future customers can save $500 if they’re willing to dig their own graves.

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Green funerals are just more fun

Nature’s Caskets in Longmont, Colo., offers a do-it-yourself, biodegradable pine coffin kit for the industrious preplanner. And for an extra $100, your coffin can come with shelves, so you can use it as a bookcase while you wait for the end.

For those looking for something more interesting, a casket decorated like a casino slot machine or a bottle of Smirnoff vodka—there’s Creative Coffins.Natural Green Casket

Each coffin is constructed from 60 percent recycled paper plus wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests.Again for more information see>>Natural Green Casket

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